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So after an eventful start to the year – mixing The Book of Ships’ second record, solo tours of Australia, the US, Europe and the UK and a relocation to the country and establishment of a new secluded studio space – it’s time to come back the old home Melbourne for a little one-off solo show. Sunday 25th March at The Wesley Anne. More details here. Lots more other news soon. Too much news. 


Tomorrow night, in what may well be our last full band show for the year, we will be providing support to these fine gents The Attics who have an EP to launch. If that is not enough reason to celebrate, we have it on good authority that they are partial to a rollicking good time. We are on first, then in the break you can run across the street, plant a kiss on ol’ Gough, race back across in time for Archer & Bow, repeat, settle in for the main attraction. Dig. Details here.


Just announced: Some solo shows for the New South Welshers…

27th DEC – NEWCASTLE – The Lass O’Gowrie (w/Boatfriends) 8pm
28th DEC – SYDNEY – Venue TBC
29th DEC – PEATS RIDGE FESTIVAL – Chai Temple Stage 1:30pm
30th DEC – PEATS RIDGE FESTIVAL – Chai Temple Stage 2:30pm

It has been a while it is true. Listen up for some new tracks and new arrangements.


So this weekend just gone we went and got ourselves into the studio and punched out the kit tracks for the next record. The spiritual presence of Alan Partridge aided the process immeasurably. Witness.

Photos by Tim O’Connor

Of course he needs little introduction really. The mild mannered production wiz that is Nick Huggins is rather well known around these parts, having worked on records by Mick Turner, Khancoban, Oscar + Martin, Otouto, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Kid Sam et al. He’s now helping out with this next record as a sort of production consultant or something. I don’t even know what that means.

Anyhow, he’s a swell fellow. We spent the night together last night and have come to realise we share some connections with places such as Amsterdam, Geraldton and Kalbarri.

Here’s Nick at the studio last night. And yes I asked before I took his photo to splash all over the interwebs. His only request was that I wouldn’t post one of him whilst picking his nose or doing something similarly unsavoury.

In other news, the record might be named Outer. That’s an idea.