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Doin' it for the old girl Pt.II

Less than two weeks until the Melbourne leg of Mozfest – Blaze of Glory. Buy Tix. See more.


So, Joe and his lady are about to have a baby and I figured it a good opportunity to go out and do some more solo shows in lieu of the band being able to take on commitments for the while. First up is the 21st of Feb at Yah-Yahs on Smith St. Collingwood and then the 2nd of March at The Wesley Anne on High St. Northcote. Then it’s off to the states and SXSW. These solo sets are evolving into somewhat of a hybrid between electronics and old-time voice and guitar-ness. Come listen and come up with a better description.

THU 21st FEB – Yah-Yahs (Melb) w/ Lines (SYD)(Album Launch) + Aircrafte.

SAT 2nd MAR – The Wesley Anne (Melb) w/ JMS Harrison & Band (EP Launch) + Souls On Board + Acoustic Foxx.


Tomorrow night, in what may well be our last full band show for the year, we will be providing support to these fine gents The Attics who have an EP to launch. If that is not enough reason to celebrate, we have it on good authority that they are partial to a rollicking good time. We are on first, then in the break you can run across the street, plant a kiss on ol’ Gough, race back across in time for Archer & Bow, repeat, settle in for the main attraction. Dig. Details here.