On our recent trip to Newcastle we found ourselves checking into our rehearsal space with scant time for logistical cock-ups. Luckily the proprietors of our space shared our concern and duly double-booked us with some local folk-funk-metal posse. Of course getting double-booked AND losing out to the other party can be pretty frustrating. Flying to your destination first thing in the morning, then taking a 45-minute public bus ride with the locals and then having a show to run to straight after said now-no-longer-existing-rehearsal is extra so. The poor booking taker at the rehearsal space was reluctantly apologetic, if that.

We cut our losses and tried to organise somewhere else. The only other place was a Christian-run music empire of sorts up the way. They were wonderfully helpful. Despite being un-staffed on the day, they sent someone down to open up, they lent us gear and they were generally very hospitable. How hard is that? Well, sometimes in this industry it ain’t no given.

Wandering around upstairs in the complex I found the secret to their business approach. The Positive Area. As you can see in the photo it’s a work in progress but hey, aren’t we all?

Crisis averted.