So this writing/pre-production journey is taking an absolute age. The difficult second record I guess. There is an end though I feel, and that should be soon. Not an end of the record but at least of demoing and writing and the likes. That should be late next month when we go into the studio proper and lay down some kit.

So what’s the new record sounding like? Well it’s not nearly as diverse as that last bowerbird-like thing we released. Lots of double and triple and quadruple tracked drums this time though. It’s a much more beat-centric set than Dark Continent, Cold Century. Also more abstract, less epic, underwrit by some big upheaval and influenced by writers like Gerald Murnane, Cormac, Flannery O’Connor etc. It also owes something to the climes in which it’s been pieced together: Reykjavik, Berlin, Paris, The WA coast, Darwin and the NSW Central West. Blah, blah, blah.

Anyhow, we’ll keep you posted. Hopefully some shows soon too.

In the meantime take a gander at the little home set-up jobby where things have been happening when home in Melbourne.